Game PS5 restock today sold out: What time and how to buy Sony’s elusive console

Update: The PS5 is now sold out at Game after an hour an a half. We may still see another drop at Very today if you failed to secure one.

The Sony PlayStation 5 has been sold out right across the country ever since it first launched in November. The scramble to acquire one has become so frantic that it’s birthed a whole new generation of PS5 stock trackers, passing on whispers of potential stock drops.

But that is all about to change. After a dreadful month of PS5 stock drops throughout April, Game had a massive drop last week which lasted a lengthy hour and a half. Now, we are about to see even more consoles dropping online this week, plus there’s even more bundles on offer.

Game is due to drop a large number of PS5 consoles and bundles onto its website this week, potentially starting at 9am in the morning.

Last week’s drop follows a bumper crop of PS5 consoles which landed on Argos’s virtual shelves in the early hours of 11 May, a date and time correctly predicted by the Twitter account @PS5StockAlertUK – who also predicted the Game drop.

To find out how you can pick up the PS5 from Game, including what bundles will be on offer, keep on reading.

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